Who are yezidis?

Yezidis are an ethno-religious group originally from Northern Iraq, Northern syria and southeast turkey but due to genocides many live in Armenia, Georgia and Russia since a long time. Yezidis believe in a Mesopotamian and monotheistic religion. We believe in God like everyone else and seven angels created by God. However yezidis have been displaced everywhere due to the countless (73) genocides. we are not arabs nor Kurds, we are our own group and originally speak ezidki/ezidiki but also some yezidis speak arabic as their native language and nowadays it generally depends on where they (yezidis) live. Our religion yezidism (also called "sherfedin" in our language) is 7000+ years old.

What happened on 3/8/2014?

On 3, august 2014 isis decided to attack yezidi cities and invade them. While most iraqi Christians and Shia muslims were given two options "either leave the area or pay a levy", Yezidis were only left with the option "either convert to islam or die" even after some yezidis converted out of fear, they were still killed and tortured. isis killed over 10000 yezidi men, took and enslaved over 7000 yazidi women and girls to sell them, rape them and torture them in the most inhumane ways. They killed yezidi women older than 45 because they said they were too old to be sold as sex slaves, they fed a yezidi mother her own child after she was locked up for days without food, they raped even 6-11 year old yezidi girls and those young girls were also married off to old men, they were basically treated as slaves you could do anything with. Many of our mostly arab but also turkmen and kurd neighbors joined isis and betrayed us and many captured yezidi girls confirmed that they recognized their own muslim neighbors because they were always with us. Women were sold in public slave markets, through whatsapp groups, online through facebook, etc. The younger= more expensive, they sold them for cheap prices such as $5 or $10 because they consider yezidis as "cheap infidels". It's 2021 and there's still over 3000 young girls/women missing. There has been 72 genocides against yezidis including the recent active one which started in 2014 in iraq/syria (more specifically 3, august 2014) which was the worst genocide so far.

Here are some videos you can watch to educate yourself:

How to help:

You can help by raising awareness, talking about the still missing 3000 yezidi girls, watching documentaries about the yezidi genocide and donating to these websites:

And check out these reliable sources on instagram for more information:

This happens/happened to yezidis because we have a different religion. This is not the first genocide that has been committed against yezidis. Since centuries yezidis have been getting killed and have faced ethnic cleansing and countless genocides (73). It's not a secret by whom yezidis are oppressed: Muslims (apart from isis) specifically Muslim kurds, turks and arabs have always oppressed yezidis and have been trying to ethnically cleanse this minority by forcefully converting them (to islam) wherever they were.They started assumptions about us such as "d*vil worshippers" or "yazid ibn mu'awiyya worshippers" and want us gone off this world because of those two assumptions. Also they disliked that yezidis were more powerful and had big empires back in the ancient times. They consider us infidels and think our religion isn't the right way.